Jonathan Hampton is an alum of The School of Hard Knocks. He started working at 13 years old , and since then he hasn't stopped hustling. After High School, he entered a career in Design Drafting. It didn't take long to figure out he would rather be the guy in the field instead of the guy at the desk.

At age 19, he started building houses and learning the trade of Building Management and General Contracting. Jonathan's 20+ years of experience, combined with his extraordinary communication skills (and prodding from his loving wife), led him to launch Inspired General Contracting Spring 2017.

Jonathan is honest, loyal, and has integrity, which is sadly a rarity in today's world. He is fun and easy to work with, and will undoubtedly end up a lifelong friend.

Grace Hampton has a Bachelors Degree from Georgetown College where she majored in Art and Communication. After college, Grace obtained her license to sell real estate, and loved helping her clients find their perfect home.

Currently, Grace is the Chief Operating Officer of the Hampton boys, and all of their shenanigans. This position is extremely demanding and requires many hours of overtime, but is not without its rewards!

Grace handles all the marketing and interior consulting for Inspired General Contracting. She has the creative ideas, while Jonathan tends to be more detail heavy. They make a wonderful team and look forward to working with you on any of your construction needs!

Hudson Hampton is currently attending his second year at Creative Montessori School. While there, his days are filled with painting, rescuing his friends from the Joker on the playground, bird watching, making chocolate milk, gardening, making cereal necklaces, and doing puzzles.

Hudson is a Batman enthusiast and has a vivid imagination. Hudson would make the perfect consultant if you're looking to build a Batcave.

His other hobbies include pretending to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, lewd bathroom humor, eating gummies, and only partially listening to his mother.

Hudson is a integral part of our team and is a constant entertainment!

Lenox Hampton has a limited 2 years on this earth; but what he lacks in contracting skills and general life experience he compensates for with bubbly extroversion. He is outgoing and will talk your ear off.

Lenox enjoys eating, playing ball, being outside, watching Minions, and playing with monster trucks.

For the moment he is a bit of dead weight in terms of helping the business, but we are positive he will grow into our strongest salesman!